Cereal bar machine QL-560F

Cereal bar machine QL-560F

Product Detail

QL-560F Cereal Bar Forming Machine can be used for producing cereal bar with different shapes and sizes by changing the molds.


  • Combined procedures into one: Filling materials – Forming shape – Cooling cereal bar – Demolding cereal bar – Conveying & cooling cereal bar.
  • Material hopper is made by food grade HMWHDPE to avoid the sticking materials, also has heater to keep temperature. The filling blade is made by PTFE, and could evenly and stably fill the materials into the mold cavities, without materials wastage.
  • Equipped with two sets of mechanical pressing molds, does not hurt materials and without material wastage.
  • The forming molds are made by PTFE and includes 36 pieces. The mold cavity can be designed with different shapes and sizes as customer’s requirements, such as cylinder, ball, square, round cake, heart, triangle.
  • Equipped with sensors to accurately check the forming molds position, so the pressing mold could tightly fit, makes super cereal bar shaping.
  • Conveying belt is made by PTFE to avoid the materials sticking the belt and meet food grade.
  • Using high performance frequency inverter, easy adjust speed, high efficiency, it can produce 24-hour continuously.
  • After forming procedure and demolding procedure, there has fans to cool down the cereal bar to normal temperature.
  • Easy operation, clean and maintenance.









6500 x 1200 x 1450mm


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