Environmental straw machine

Environmental straw machine

Product Detail

Environmental Straw Production Line can produce degradable straws to replace the traditional plastic straws.

  • Plastic straws are forbidden to be used at more and more countries and areas because of their non-degradability. To protect the environment and replace the traditional plastic straws, we developed Environmental Sucker Machine to produce food-based straws.
  • Possibility to add functional and tasty ingredients: natural color, salt, fiber, vitamins, minerals, emulsifiers. So after finish the drink, the straw can also be eaten.
  • Pasta Straw Machine has continuous and automated process, quick start up and stop, fast and easy changeovers and with easy cleaning and maintenance procedures
  • Degradable Straw Machine has intensified transformation process generating savings in raw materials as well as energy and water, easy maintenance, hygienic design, compact design with less floor space









75 x 5 x 3m


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