Protein bar machine QL-760F

Protein bar machine QL-760F

Product Detail

QL-760F Protein Bar Forming Machine is fully made by stainless steel 304 to meet food grade.

  • Cereal Bar Forming Machine has unique structure by placing the molds part under driving part, which can be washed by water.
  • Also thanks to the specific structure, no need worry about any materials or liquid sugar are falling down on the motor or electric parts of this Muesli Bar Machine.
  • There has a mixer to evenly mix kinds of materials with liquid, also easy to feed to the materials hopper.
  • The material hopper on Granola Bar Machine has heater to keep the material’s temperature, also has specific blade to evenly fill the materials to the molds.
  • We’ve used industry best practices to create a fully customizable system with state-of-the-art features. Stainless steel components and a sanitary design allow for complete wash down, while a modular design makes way for additional features.
  • Various shapes and sizes can be achieved by changing the molds. Also, we supply one mold with two shapes (same thickness) to lower the investment









7800 x 1200 x 1500mm


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