Rawhide Bone Pressing Machine

Rawhide Bone Pressing Machine

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General Introduction:
Rawhide Bone Pressing Machine produces chewing bones with cowhide, rawhide pigskin, fish skin or sheepskin as material. It could press the material to be various shapes and sizes.

Basic Procedure of Pressed Rawhide Machine:
Feeding - Pressing - Taking out
Advantages of Cowhide Bone Machine:
Dog Chew Pressing Machine has higher press speed to increase efficiency.
Chewing Bone Machine’s middle plate and lower plate open two-article T-slot respectively, the pressure system is rear-mounted and the below equips with horizontal floor mat
This Cowhide Bone Press is type of Flour Column and Three Board, the up-most output pressure is adjustable.
Rawhide Bone Press is equipped with safety sensor to ensure the operator’s safety. Also the foot press pedal is double-layer design to prevent any misoperation.
The parts are processed by CNC boring and milling machine, the gears are processed by German gear grinding machine. The crankshaft, gear tooth and other friction parts are made of alloy steel, annealing process.
Chewing Bone Press Machine has pneumatic dry-friction clutch & brake, low noise, and long service life (wet clutch&brake is available).
Rawhide Chews Machine has emergent stop, inching, single and continuous movement.
Technical Parameters of Cowhide Chew Press:






Bone Size

1.5, 2 and 3inch

4, 5 and 6inch

7, 8 and 9inch

10, 11 and 12inch

Pressing Pressure





Working Platform Size

350 x 350mm

420 x 400mm

500 x 450mm

600 x 600mm


1300 x 1000 x 1900mm

1400 x 1100 x 2100mm

1700 x 1200 x 2150mm

1850 x 1400 x 2700mm

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