Rice Cake Machine

Rice Cake Machine

Product Detail

General Introduction:
Rice Cake Machine is used to produce crispy rice cake, rice cracker or crispy bread.

Basic Procedure of Rice Stick Machine  
Filling - Forming
Advantages of Rice Cake Popping Machine:
Rice Cake Puffing Machine is advanced and fully automatic, which can produce various kinds of rice cakes, such as corn flavor cake, pumpkin flavor cake, onion flavor cake, etc.

Field processing is fully automated, efficient, healthy, green and environmentally friendly.
Rice Cake Puffing Machine uses the mixture of rice, wheat berry, soybean flour, etc. as raw material.
It is a low-fat, healthy, ready to eat, top fashion casual food.
The smell of cake is diversified and functional.The taste is crisp, salty, spicy and spicy.
Rice Cake Puffer is conducive to the absorption and digestion of nutrition, and is deeply loved by young people, middle-aged people, the elderly, especially children.
Technical Parameters of Rice Bar Puffing Machine:





Cake Diameter

Standard 120mm or as design

Cake Thickness

Standard 10mm or as design






575 x 320 x 590mm

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